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i'll say goodbye for the two of us =(

a very sad and elating song.
it was very moving.
the theme and melody of it puts has achieved the maximum passion it can possess.

going back to the song itself,
was one of the most crafted and sad song ever written and composed.

"when you wake up,and find me gone tomorrow,
don't think i meant to hurt you,
i just did what we knew i have to do"

the beginning of the song really sucks!
its exactly how i felt way back then(months or shall i say years ago)
i really cant get the point on how on hell it could be that you have to part with
the one you really love,
how on earth does a love that felt like heaven have to tear me apart like glimpses of hell.
that's how i feel. why is it so?

lets jump to the chorus part.

"i'll say goodbye for the two of us,
tonight while you sleep,
i kiss you softly one last time and say Goodbye
like i know we must,
there's just no other way,
and i couldnt bear to see your heart break,
so i wait till your asleep to say goodbye"

would you believe that i once fitted on this shoe?



i didnt want to tell stories anymore
but remembering it makes me feel sad.

i have to say goodbye though i shouldnt be

but its necessary


"before your arms embrace,
before your kisses take me
before your eyes can make me stay"

its very difficult to walk away from a thing that keeps me looking back.

i remember that night were having a pretty cool conversation but deep
in my mind i am leaving him.

we talked an talked a lot til the sun shines and he started to feel sleepy.

i asked him ti sleep and so he did.

without him,being acknowledged that i was about to call it off.

so i've decided to write him a letter that tells:

"i think we have ton part ways,i love you and i dont want us to be off.
but it gets crucial every night.
i want to end it right now, habang kaya ko pang lumayo at makabangon.
i love you so much"

after hours,

i think it was 3pm when he woke up

he gave me a call,
at first i refused to answer his but i cant control myself,
so i did.

he talked to me on the phone and said:

"anong drama to?"
"wala.ayoko na kasi."
"i know youre thinking of things, but i assure you hahawakan kita hanggang sa huli"
"dont make it hard on me please?
"i love you,sunduin kita sa school maya"

then the call ended.


i just cant escape him..


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